Logo Design
Logo and brand development, corporate brochure, corporate ID, corporate style guide, illustration, character development
BrandingGraphic DesignIllustration
Identities: Logo Design 2
Visual identities
BrandingGraphic DesignIllustration
Logo development and branding for the departments of a large hotel and casino; restaurants, bars, optional services and diversions for guests.
Art DirectionBrandingPrint Design
Illustration / Mascots
Illustration and mascots, pattern design
DrawingIllustrationPattern Design
Hand Drawn
Portraits and Fashion Illustration
PC Juliet Screen Print T-Shirt
Drawing and its color separations for t-shirts for the crew of the PC Juliet
Graphic DesignIllustrationPrint Design
Corporate Newsletter, Market Facing
Newsletter Design: Market-facing
Art DirectionBrandingPrint Design
Corporate Style Guide: For consistent branding
Corporate Style Guide
CopywritingGraphic DesignTypography
Dolby Signage Style Guide
A guide for cohesive signage on all corporate properties
Creative DirectionEditorial DesignGraphic Design
BBN3 Style Guide
Developed to provide guidance and cohesion in all visual marketing communications within the network
Art DirectionGraphic DesignIllustration
Corporate Design: Mechanicals for the printer
Visuals: artwork prepared for the printer
Print Design
Photo Manipulation
Image editing can improve almost any photo.
Ads/Brochures with copy
Magazine ads and brochures, each designed to build public image
BrandingCopywritingGraphic Design
Package Design / Production
Package Design & Production
BrandingPackagingPrint Design
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