Logo Design

All drawings were created in Adobe Illustrator.
When a date appears, the design was revised / updated. 
Platform Strategy is a public relations firm. One of their primary tactics is establishing the client as an authority in his/her field via book publication. Hence, the stylized M.
Daniel Tuan's restaurants featuring fresh local organic ingredients, tossed in the pot and cooked to order.
This was another concept for the restaurants. Actually, I was incredibly prolific on this project. I also have a version using the symbols from the flag of Taiwan (which contains a stylized Sun), where the concept was born.
Consultants to municipal, state and federal law enforcement organizations, ISCC wanted their visual identity to convey unquestionable strength, the neoclassical sensibilities associated with the birth of the United States, and the resolve of the Founding Fathers.  
BIG BANG   2002
BIG BANG veryactivewear  1990
This is one of two versions, the second displaying the Earth's shadow off-center, just a moment before total eclipse.
Re-branding a Nevada institution as part of a heavily-invested reincarnation of glamour in the tradition of old time movie stars being courted by custom-tailored mob bosses who employed "personal stylists" — introducing a marketing concept that has become a main-stay in the current world of entertainment — "Sell the image and the products will sell themselves."
In spite of the inherent problems associated with such an intricate design, my client insisted on basing his business logo on his family's actual crest, opting for a simplified version employing the central shield with uppercase A and flowers for most applications.
Variations for a cosmetic brand
This is a full-service concierge network that uses virtually any and all courier and freight delivery systems to ship items of any type or scale in the most expedient fashion for pre-paid long-term clients.
Women helping women to become solvent and self-sufficient. The system is designed to ensure that everyone is paying it forward.
Auto parts for classic cars
For a small fee, purchases are guaranteed to be delivered, even in the Rockies in January. Hopefully, undamaged, definitely insured.
Of course, a clothing retailer from the east coast opening a second business geared for consumers on the west coast. 
An advertising network based in Russia.
Matthieu Resnais Salon 1998
The design was inspired by landscape artist, who installed a multi-curve fountain/waterfall on the front of the two-story building located on a very busy thoroughfare. I knew that the city's populace would think of the building when they saw the logo.
Matthieu Resnais Salon 2010
Mssr Resnais' salon was relocated after twelve years to accommodate the business' growth. The new building had a very modern and slightly whimsical feel, so the logo was redesigned to reflect that. 
A service that gathers all news/info/data about a company that is being published anywhere, and/or is floating about the cyberverse. The amazing part is that this service existed before we were using PCs. I cannot imagine how they did it pre-90s. 
Using the logo as illustration for a special event
Dionysus Theatre, the only full-time non-profit theatre in Texas for differently-abled and traditionally-abled actors and crew, was founded by Creative Director, Deb Nowinski. The productions at Dionysus are frequently astonishing — when our synapses announce the truth in our own experience as we are going about the business of living.   
A technical management group based in Puerto Rico
The world will never have too much laughter.
What are the odds of designing for two completely separate clients with Big Bang in the company name? It looks like I was being lazy, borrowing from an old design, but my client saw it in my portfolio and insisted. Since they are in completely different markets, I did not argue.
The logo for a co-op of organic farmers. The name refers more to their geographic location than their culture.
This logo goes with the bear hugging his "care package" in the Illustration / Mascots section. This became a little busier than I liked, but I am certain that my client knows her market.
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