Illustration / Mascots

All drawings were created in Adobe Illustrator
T-Shirt illustration for the US Marines stationed in Orlando, FL
Auto Parts Supply for Classic European Cars
My client is an attorney and spends most of her time working to help law students and future law students. In case you have never known anyone in law school, it can become a very lonely experience, and often causes people to feel persecuted — and justifiably so.
My wife's family is from the Alsace region of France. When we visited, I fell in love with the drawings of Hansi, the only artist whose work I came across depicting the traditional dress / costume and folk tales of the area. This is my interpretation of his work, retaining his palette. I never found the entire story, but the boy riding a bird is Billy who drinks beer from a jar. As I recall, the story is their version of the stork delivering the babies.
At this small size, it is difficult to see that the boy's arm, hat and the text is three-dimensional.
This is part of my concept art for a new edition of children's books based on the My Book House books by Olive Beaupre Miller.
Editorial illustration for an article about workplace gossip and the mess it can make.
This caricature is part of a rebranding involving Dr Tammy's clinic and separate programs for men and women. The women's is called Project Fabulous Clinic. The men's program is Taurus Male Clinic — that logo is in the Logo Design section.
One year, I painted an illustration like this for my holiday cards. Later, when I became adept in Illustrator, I produced this version. Unfortunately, the vector drawing was lost in a lightning strike — I had only an external drive for backup. Needless to say, now I use TWO online backups.
I have always loved drawing and painting people. Drawing in vector format, sometimes the hardest part is deciding what to leave out.
This was for the spring prom at Archway Academy, a sober high school for students in recovery. The students are required to participate in a recovery program outside of the school. Archway has a 97% graduation rate, and 90% go on to college.
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