Package Design / Production

Packaging Design / Production
Pocket Folder

This pocket folder was designed for TPI, after rebranding the company. If you see the Corporate Style Guide project, you will see the original logo.
Production is usually my favorite part of the process — all the meetings are behind you, everyone has had an opportunity to voice an opinion, the image to be conveyed has been debated - argued - molded into a form and palette for which the consumer will (hopefully) be grateful. The design has been approved and God help anyone who deviates from an approved design. Now the designer has nothing to do but relax and produce a mechanical drawing that could not possibly be misinterpreted. But it happens .... After recording the impossibly small measurements and applying them to the corresponding lines, and sitting with the person in charge of production to discuss the design (lots of please and extra thank you) and hopefully conclude that both parties know exactly what is expected.
The designer perused the newly printed package and thought to himself, "Wait'll the sales clerks at Macy's get a load o' you!"
This is the packaging design for a new product. It is a low-calorie sweetener made from sugar. The small graphic above the logo and on the back of the box are photos of sugar cane.
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